Welcome To Winter!

Football, beanies, doonas, sitting in front of a wood fired heater with a nice bottle of shiraz. This season we will be welcoming vegetable shortages and soaring inflation to go with our Arctic mornings and West Coast Eagles woes. If only a strepsil would fix this. Before going into some detail about our upcoming Winter season I’d like to thank all of our staff and suppliers for helping get through a very tough last five months. There has been some times where our resources have been on a knifes edge, yet we have maintained 100% supply on our products and upheld our amazing service. To our customers thank you for being patient and understanding of the difficulties our business(es) and industry has come across so far in 2022. A special thanks goes out to Maia Jacobs, one of our beloved team leaders who is venturing to Canada for 6 months. She will be sorely missed but we wish her well on her endevours.

There has always been elements of unpredictability with fresh produce, however and unfortunately, the forecast is a very tough winter for vegetable supplies. Almost no vegetable products will be spared from this outcome, the reality is there is just not enough vegetables grown in Australia at the moment. The great news is that all winter fruit harvests are looking fantastic. We can look forward to good supplies of Queensland Hass avocadoes, a bumper Bindoon/GinGin citrus season and our famous Pink lady Apples. Berry season is just around the corner. Hello Wanneroo Strawberries, Southwest Blueberries, Driscoll Raspberries and Blackerries. One of the great strengths of Inseason Produce is we maintain an open line of communication with our customers and suppliers. For more detailed information regarding fresh produce, please contact us. Liz, Anne or myself would love to have a chat and keep you all posted with the latest product information. Quince anyone? Liz would dearly love to share her knowledge about Microherbs with you. Internally we have recently added to our fleet, upgraded our software and are now on the lookout for a new and bigger warehouse. Watch this space. We encourage your thoughts and ideas to keep us progressing forwards. The coming few months will definitely be challenging however InSeason Produce will be at the forefront providing solutions for your fresh produce needs.

Mica Martinovich, Director.

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