InSeason Summer Update

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all keeping well and are mentally prepared for December. InSeason Produce will finally be moving all our facilities into our new premises at the Perth Markets in Canning Vale.  This will provide great opportunities for our business and enable us to service our customers/suppliers at the highest standards. I’ll have to share some transition photos, watch this space. We are hoping to have you all visit as soon as we are fully transitioned and are comfortable in our own new skin.

For all you foodies and chefs out there you should really get excited about the range of local/seasonal fruits available at the moment. We really are blessed here in Western Australia to have available to us for the Christmas season amazing stone fruits and the best tasting (and looking) mangoes in the world. One of my favourites to see on a plate are WA figs, they should start making their way to the markets and our warehouse any moment.

Supplies of vegetables are good, but not without their challenges. Growers are still facing a lot of uncertainties and having to deal with many challenges. Vegetables in Australia are not as plentiful as pre Covid so it’s important to maintain our communications and support for growers. It’s highly likely if we have a hot summer that vegetable supplies will be disrupted. The team at InSeason Produce will be ready and available to provide best advice and solutions. You are always welcome to contact myself, Liz and Carla if you need any information (we urge you to do this).

I hope you all have an amazing festive season. Please try to find some time for friends and family and stay safe.


Mica Martinovich.

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